28th of july was #operationdatablast, uploading as much archival valuable content to bitcoinsv. Music, Videos, Art, Pictures The space came together on the historic day and broke all known historical block sizes that day.

On the 28th July – 388 Battle at Aquileja: Emperor Theodosius beats emperor Magnus Maximis. In 1586 Sir Thomas Harriot introduces potatoes to Europe Blockamania!’ ‘Rumble in the Mempool – The floodening But today

July 28th was a special BitcoinSV Channel Event – OPERATION DATA BLAST


Using the BCAT protocol made by @rangelwulff and @BicoDotMedia for large files or the B protocol by @_unwriter for files that fit into a single opreturn.

Mass Uploading Files to #BSV – Mp3s, Videos, Twetchers & More – Mass Tx to test the network! We convened off the back of the week before success in uploading the first HD Music Video, Exceeding BTC blocksize and more! This time, we combined multiple uploads across the arts and BSV unites to upload TX & Data in a recording breaking historic night!

  • Watch part 1 of the 14hr stream – Watch up live upload + Dr Craig Wright interview

Bitcoin Stores Data?

BitcoinSV the original bitcoin can store onchain data, although early days, file formats, high quality content will all be on bitcoin. Below was just in 1 day what difference onchain data makes to Bitcoin.


Watch Part 2 –

Notable tweets!


As uploading commenced noticeable changes occurring monitoring the network traffic as data was uploaded.




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