This simple Bitcoin Paywall Plugin helps you to monetise your content on a WordPress powered website. Simply install the plugin and add the shortcode to wherever you need to display the hidden content and add your money button details as shown below to start accepting payments for your content. It works on Pages, Blog Posts etc..

For example:

This is where you can add custom html content, which will not get hidden. Swipe the button and send a 0.10 tip to see how it works and see the hidden content. (You must be logged into Money Button)

[cp-hide-button to=”2252″ amount=”0.10″ currency=”USD” client-identifier=”c76e6e4ca83d2974095dcd0451723b9e” button-id=”1567601468940″]
This is where you can add custom html content, which will get hidden.

Shortcode example:

If you are looking for something to hide your content more securely, consider using – A Node.js Paywall using Moneybutton by Sirdeggen on Github:

If you want to add shortcode inside the shortcode, use a plugin like: Outerbridge Nested Shortcodes

A small plugin which allows you to use nested shortcodes (i.e. a shortcode within an enclosing shortcode) by implementing a simple “do_shortcode” filter as per the WordPress Codex to content and widgets – see and

If you are operating a WordPress website that uses woo-commerce to sell products and services and are looking for a WordPress plugin that allows you to accept payment in BSV. Please feel free to download this plugin and use it for your needs. We just need more businesses accepting Bitcoin SV to help with on boarding consumers.

How To Use This Plugin.

After installing and activating this plugin.

You will see a new Payment option inside WooCommerce Settings > Payment > MoneyButton Gateway

Please setup fields accordingly and don’t forget to add a Web Hook url to your MoneyButton app at:

Frequently asked questions

  • What is audioB?

    audioB is a platform for independent artists and podcasters to share their original works and receive tips and micropayments from their audience. Publishers and listeners just need a Money Button account to get started.

  • What content can be published?

    Original music productions, podcasts, lectures, bed-time stories, daily rants – anything really, with one obvious caveat: you must own the rights or have permission from the rights holder of any works your are publishing.

  • Is the audio stored on-chain?

    When publishing a file, audioB creates a single OP_RETURN transaction to the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain containing a sha256 hash of the file along with some meta data. The audio data itself is not stored on chain.

    There’s a couple of reasons for this: cost and user experience. Storing files over 100 KB on-chain involves splitting the file over many transactions. To upload a 100 MB DJ Mix would involve swiping 1,000 moneybuttons. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Those transactions would cost over $100 in miner fees alone. By comparison, storing the same file on traditional cloud platforms for 10 years costs less than $0.30.