Bitcoin enables payment, hosting all in one, with great thanks for “THOR” for building this test page we show hosting music, hosting the music video all on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV

Hosting music on bitcoin is a very new concept. Currently musicians and bands use services such as spotify, dittomusic, soundcloud, cdbaby. bandcamp and even crypto music projects such as $musicoin – artists use an unsecured, unstable platform to upload/share their music, and are paid with an inflationary, uncapped cryptocurrency.

Other crypto music projects such as implements the Ethereum network via Metmask- an unscalable blockchain protocol designed to fail. – artists give away their music for free (not for profit), and aren’t paid for their creative work




These things are about to change, Bitcoin enables payment, hosting all in one, with great thanks for “THOR” for building this test page we show hosting music, hosting the music video all on Bitcoin.

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New directory make it easier to find BSV-related products, services

The key to cryptocurrency adoption is making it easy to find locations that accept digital money. A new site has been launched to help spread awareness of where the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV (BSV), can be found and is promising to be a leader in the spread of BSV. BSV Galaxy makes it easy to find wallets, exchanges or vendors, and gives the BSV community a place to produce content on the BSV blockchain.

BSV Galaxy bills itself as the “Bitcoin SV Artists Collective.” Shem Booth-Spain – better known on social media as “Captin Bitcoin” – launched the concept as “a place people could meet and work together, business development for peoples projects from the arts is how we can fill up the block size with valuable useful data [from] artists, musicians and writers.“

Booth-Spain received some help developing the site by way of “super intelligent web developer Troy (secret BSV superhero) with massive support and advice from founder Joel Dalais and business support by Sheridan Sparrow.”

The site is membership based, which gives it an additional layer of legitimacy, and is still developing a following. Booth-Spain explains, “We are always doing special offers and promos. People don’t need a personal trainer to get fit, they just have to eat salad and walk. Personal trainers are still very popular because it helps them fast track their goals, reach their target! – first 5 people to message on Twitter and say ‘Open sesame’ get free membership!”

Captin Bitcoin recognizes what many are beginning to understand. BSV’s large block size gives it substantially more capabilities than any other blockchain. He states, “I set up a new operation, #operationdatablast, on Sunday 28th. I did a 14hr marathon streaming mission to bring people together in the space to upload to BitcoinSV music videos, images (I’m a musician/artists/media/advertising pro by trade) up onto the BitcoinSV. I uploaded a record 248mb music video and so did others, making record blocks! We proceeded to increase on the BSV block size up to 96%!!!”

BSV’s recent Quasar upgrade proved that large blocks were possible. Blocks of 2 gigabytes are now the norm on the only blockchain to follow the original Bitcoin design, defying assertions by other blockchain providers that said that large blocks could never be achieved. With larger blocks comes the ability to handle more data and more transactions in less time, and Quasar is just the beginning. The Genesis upgrade scheduled for next February is expected to completely remove all block size caps.

Booth-Spain adds that the blockchain can be of particular interest to the arts community, indicating, “Arts & Technology unites and unleashes the power of Bitcoin via overcoming the challenges that logical thought cannot overcome, Believe in your projects, GET MOTIVATED, Innovate & Build. That’s how I think of these things.”

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (SegWit) chain are referenced as SegWitCoin BTC coins. Altcoins, which value privacy, anonymity, and distance from government intervention, are referenced as dark coins.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is today the only Bitcoin project that follows the original Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper, and that follows the original Satoshi protocol and design. BSV is the only public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin and will massively scale to become the world’s new money and enterprise blockchain. 28th of july was #operationdatablast, uploading as much archival valuable content to bitcoinsv. Music, Videos, Art, Pictures The space came together on the historic day and broke all known historical block sizes that day.

On the 28th July – 388 Battle at Aquileja: Emperor Theodosius beats emperor Magnus Maximis. In 1586 Sir Thomas Harriot introduces potatoes to Europe Blockamania!’ ‘Rumble in the Mempool – The floodening But today

July 28th was a special BitcoinSV Channel Event – OPERATION DATA BLAST


Using the BCAT protocol made by @rangelwulff and @BicoDotMedia for large files or the B protocol by @_unwriter for files that fit into a single opreturn.

Mass Uploading Files to #BSV – Mp3s, Videos, Twetchers & More – Mass Tx to test the network! We convened off the back of the week before success in uploading the first HD Music Video, Exceeding BTC blocksize and more! This time, we combined multiple uploads across the arts and BSV unites to upload TX & Data in a recording breaking historic night!

  • Watch part 1 of the 14hr stream – Watch up live upload + Dr Craig Wright interview

Bitcoin Stores Data?

BitcoinSV the original bitcoin can store onchain data, although early days, file formats, high quality content will all be on bitcoin. Below was just in 1 day what difference onchain data makes to Bitcoin.


Watch Part 2 –

Notable tweets!


As uploading commenced noticeable changes occurring monitoring the network traffic as data was uploaded.




Howdy folks,


A few months back something amazing happened, we uploaded a MP3 into the BitcoinSV blockchain, although the tech is still early days this represents a massive thing for the music industry, artists and bands alike, rather than multiple copies of a file all over the net we have 1 central location of the file, also we have immutability which I believe is the great honour a artist can have with their work, permanence.. How this will develop over the months we will find out and Im sure the future offers lots of potential for independent artists and labels alike.

When we uploaded the track live on the BitcoinSV Channel (Watch the historic moment here) the file was split into 32 transactions then fired onto the Bitcoin Blockchain then reassembled automatically, The file is amazing and works perfect, downloads from BSV with no problem


Watch the video that we uploaded the track to BitcoinSV


#Music #Bands #Artists #Art #ReleasingMusic

Welcome to the BitcoinSV Galaxy, Im very proud and honoured to get this project off the ground and for all the support we have got, we hope to bring value, inspiration and help with adoption.