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Notions of Synthetic Life, now all hosted on BITCOINSV

Bitcoin enables payment, hosting all in one, with great thanks for “THOR” for building this test page we show hosting music, hosting the music video all on Bitcoin. Hosting music on bitcoin is a very new concept. Currently musicians and bands use services such as spotify, dittomusic, soundcloud, cdbaby. bandcamp and even crypto music projects […]

New BSV Galaxy store opens!

Thats right! new BitcoinSV branded hats, tees and more are coming to the www.bsvgalaxy.net Expect more coming online and different cool designs to wear the #bsv brand in style Get yours now! Merchandise  


BSV Galaxy – Finding BSV -related products, services

New directory make it easier to find BSV-related products, services The key to cryptocurrency adoption is making it easy to find locations that accept digital money. A new site has been launched to help spread awareness of where the original Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV (BSV), can be found and is promising to be a leader in […]

OperationDataBlast – Mass uploading content to BitcoinSV

https://twitter.com/murphsicles/status/1155635389702557697?s=20The 28th of july was #operationdatablast, uploading as much archival valuable content to bitcoinsv. Music, Videos, Art, Pictures The space came together on the historic day and broke all known historical block sizes that day. On the 28th July – 388 Battle at Aquileja: Emperor Theodosius beats emperor Magnus Maximis. In 1586 Sir Thomas Harriot […]


Uploading Music to BitcoinSV

Howdy folks,   A few months back something amazing happened, we uploaded a MP3 into the BitcoinSV blockchain, although the tech is still early days this represents a massive thing for the music industry, artists and bands alike, rather than multiple copies of a file all over the net we have 1 central location of […]


Welcome to the Galaxy

Welcome to the BitcoinSV Galaxy, Im very proud and honoured to get this project off the ground and for all the support we have got, we hope to bring value, inspiration and help with adoption. CaptinBitcoin x