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#Bands #Musicians #Artists #Poets #Writers #ContentCreators join together with the focus on producing content on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain.

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A large multi platform BSV creative community, learn new tools, techniques & applications for the arts on Bitcoin SV.

Proof Of Work

We hold dear the notion of proof work, eternal learning of excellence, meritocracy – build your chair, and join us at the table of Bitcoin SV.

The Original Bitcoin!

When you are considering purchasing Bitcoin, it’s vital that you understand what Bitcoin is, and how purchasing the wrong Bitcoin can impact the entire world. If you truly want to change the world for the better and want to show your support for the real Bitcoin, the only option is Bitcoin SV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision).

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Please take a moment to browse BSV Galaxy partners. Some of the most inspirational people in the world are located within these companies & organisations.

BSV Galaxy, The Bitcoin SV Artists Collective

Become a Member & Unlock the creative potential of the Bitcoin SV Blockchain with unlimited power and limitless real world applications via the Arts.

Bridging the Arts & Sciences the BSV Galaxy is a place where new ideas can emerge through collaboration and learning discovery. Join us today as we unlock the power of Bitcoin SV.


Althought BSV Galaxy does not guarantee auto slack access, Long term members & those vouched for can join gaining access to the “Forge Room, War Room & other working rooms for members.


Perpetual Multi Gaming Crypto War – Bitcoin SV is the Apex Predator of Crypto, Help us crush the competition & bring hegemony to BSV!

BSV GALAXY “VIP Star Lounge”

Join the VIP room once you cut your teeth as a “full blood” BSVr


Access 3x 200+ Member groups via the BSV GALAXY

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Top Tier Corporate Membership Class for businesses looking to captialise by joining the BSV Galaxy.

Forum & Site Access.

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